Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Links

  • Miniature Burro Makes An Entrance! - ZooBorns
  • All Hallow's Read A campaign to start a new annual tradition of giving scary books for Halloween. This site has lots of ideas, including a free copy of The Raven as a mini book to print out.
  • Escher/Portal remix I would *love* this picture as a poster
  • Otway The Movie Following a hit single and a world tour that never quite got off the ground, John Otway's next ambition is to star in his own movie. He must be confident, because he's already booked the Odeon Leicester Square for the red carpet premiere ...
  • SFE: Science Fiction Encyclopedia The venerable SF encyclopaedia is now available online - it's in beta at the moment, but this looks as if it will be an invaluable resource for geeks everywhere.
  • 10 Awesome Online Classes You Can Take For Free
  • Chocolate Chip Pi A tasty approach to learning calculus
  • Blackboards in Porn Only nerds would watch porn and worry about the equations on the blackboards - surprisingly safe for work!
  • A Closed World This looks interesting - an online fantasy role playing game dealing with LGBT issues

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