Monday, October 17, 2011

Our office is next to a busy bit of road. There are three lanes of traffic merging from different directions and heading off on to the motorway or local roads. It's gives rise to a dangerous combination of some cars speeding up as they get near to the motorway ramp and others switching lanes at the last minute as they realise they are going the wrong way.

This morning I was heading round the Leeds inner ring road towards our car park when the traffic ground to a halt for half an hour, followed by the sound of sirens and blue flashing lights in the distance. I inched my way round and got diverted via the back streets to our other car park and headed to the office on foot.

It seems that somebody had tried to nip across the road rather than walking twenty meters or so to the traffic light controlled crossing, and had been unfortunate enough to get hit by a lorry. It must have been serious as the road was closed and taped off for several hours before the lorry was moved.

Not the best start to a Monday morning, not least for the luckless pedestrian and the lorry driver, and all to save a few seconds in crossing the road.

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