Thursday, September 01, 2011

Podcast Thursday

  • Chain Reaction - a simple concept for a chat show - somebody is interviewed, and then the following week the interviewee becomes the interviewer and picks the next guest in sequence. This week's episode featured the actor Kevin Eldon interviewing the comedian Mark Steele, and I'm intrigued to see who Mark Steele will pick for his subject next week.
  • Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast - or, as all the cool kids are calling it, RHEFP. This has finished its run now, and been a remarkably successful and adaptable format, notwithstanding the fabled lost episode that failed to record properly. Particular highlights for me included the shows with Sarah Millican, the veteran Barry Cryer and Six Music alumnus Adam Buxton.
  • The Moth - I'd not thought of Milli Vanilli for years, and had always assumed that the whole lip synching scandal was a bit of storm in a teacup. In this story, we hear the other side of the tale as told by Fab Morvan, one of the (non) singers.

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