Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Summer in the City

Another sultry night, although not quite as humid, and at least I slept more or less uninterrupted (apart from a fearsomely convoluted set of dreams which involved me being a double agent ferreting out spies or something).

In OU news, I got back the result for my M255 course and I was frustratingly six marks short of a distinction on my final exam. Oh well, it was a useful experience and not bad considering it was the first three hour exam that I have sat in umpty-tum years. I shall be wary of courses with final exam components in future and I certainly won't be attempting to do ninety points of courses at the same time either. I'm making good progress with my video assignment on T215 and I'll get that submished next week before cracking on with the end of module assessment.

In games news, after finishing L.A. Noire I have returned to Portal 2 and a whole new set of challenges with the test spheres and the attraction/repulsion gel. The vertiginous interiors and 70s style offices make for a very different environment to the first Portal game (which you really should play, if you haven't). I've also been playing 'Child of Eden' which is audio-visual eye candy of the very highest order. I'm still not entirely sure of how the game calculates the scores or how you build up the multipliers, but that really isn't the point. I am really just playing it to chill out and enjoy the visuals, and as soon as I have unlocked all of the levels I think I'll just play it on trip mode (or whatever it is called).

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