Thursday, August 04, 2011

Rain Dogs

Even though it's not quite as warm as it was, the humidity is still nudging 100% making everything muggy and sticky in the extreme. I went out to buy a few bits and bobs from the retail park and came back feeling as if I had been swimming in warm treacle. Thank goodness for the air con in the car and the office, at least.

Still, at least being awake has done wonders for my Words with Friends scores - I racked up FLATTEN on a triple word for 118 points at two o'clock in the morning the other night. Apparently WwF will be introducing cross platform support to play against people on Facebook at some point, which should increase the pool of potential victims, er, I mean opponents.

In OU news, my video assignment is more or less complete, apart from a bit of tweaking on one of the sound effects. I just need to type up the video plan (which is worth 20% of the marks alone, for a one page document - easy marks) and then do the critical self analysis question.

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