Thursday, June 16, 2011

No More Heroes

Well, I seem to have swapped the exam anxiety dreams for ones about violent riots in urban environments. This was before I heard the news from Vancouver too, so it's not an assimilation of something I've seen recently. Most strange and disturbing.

In games news, I picked up LA Noire after a break of a couple of days and I struggled to remember the details of the case I was working on. I had two suspects in custody and I wanted to make sure that I charged the right one. I dug a little further into the evidence and then had an idea of how the case had played out, which turned out to be right.

The next case has involved following a trail of clues around various landmarks of 1950s LA, and it shows just how much work has gone into the environments. It's just a shame that there isn't the opportunity to do more in the city outside of your role as a detective, but I have a hunch that these assets may well get repurposed in GTA V if the rumours about a return to San Andreas are true.

In Game of Thrones news, yikes - didn't see that one coming! Say no more, in case anyone hasn't seen episode nine yet.


Ryan said...


it's been a while brother - sorry for being MIA - how is that LA Noire game, all I see is buses in NYC with the ad blasted across the side of them pumping up this game

hope all is well across the pond - be well

neil h said...

Cheers Ryan! LA Noire is very good indeed - the technical achievement of the facial animations is used to good effect in telling the story.