Monday, May 09, 2011

Pirate Jenny

Two things on the telly last night.

Firstly, the blu ray of Toy Story 3 was a real treat. Wonderfully animated and so involving that you really forget you are watching a bit of CGI that only exists as a series of ones and zeros on a (rather large) hard drive somewhere. There were some great sight gags and jokes in there, and the ending was rather moving too and had the effect of bringing a tear to my eye.

The other bit of telly was a slightly disappointing episode of Doctor Who that felt more like a script from the 1960s incarnation of Star Trek than anything else. The concept was fine on paper - after all, pirates and the Doctor (and Amy Pond in a mini-skirt waving a cutlass around) - what's not to like? The actual execution was lacklustre through, being neither funny enough or scary enough. I think that this story would have made a much better audio drama - the siren would have been a great deal spookier as an unseen menace, and the payoff of the parallel dimensional space ship would have been grander without the cheap looking sets (honestly - was a set of plastic shower curtains the best they could come up with for a backdrop?).

It felt like the episode was marking time between the season opener and the Neil Gaiman scripted episode next week, which seems to be the one everybody is looking forward too.

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Alan said...

Yes we felt that Doctor Who was also very disappointing, hope it gets better but based on the three episodes so far I'm not so sure.