Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jimmy Down The Well

The poster on the billboard outside our office finally succumbed to the effects of the rain and wind yesterday. It was a large advert for 'Any Human Heart' which was on telly last November, so I can only assume that the company responsible hasn't been able to sell the space since. Some workmen came today and removed the last bits that were dangling from the support struts, so we just have the skeleton left now, with a view of a very decrepit brick wall behind.

In OU news, I am working on a piece about online communities - I have collected lots of interesting stuff, with Howard Rheingold's 'Virtual Communities' as the starting point. The challenge is going to be whittling it down to the required length for Friday when I have said I will post the first draft on our shared wiki site.

In games news, I have been playing 'Orbital' again. This was probably the first game I bought on iOS way back when, and I have certainly had my money's worth out of the 59p it cost. A new update has changed the music and added stereo sound effects to the mix which are quite impressive through headphones. The game play is as compulsive as ever - worth checking out, I would say.

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