Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cracked Pepper

Well, that's my third TMA submished for my T215 course. That marks the half way point, more or less, and I am now well into revision for my M255 exam in a couple of weeks. The more I get into my OU studies, the more I am enjoying it - there is certainly something to said for stretching the old gray matter.

I've got a week off next week, which needless to say I am looking forward to. Work is busy at the moment and I need a moment to catch my metaphorical breath. I'm hoping that the weather warms up a bit as it seems a tad chilly at the moment.

In superinjunction news, I am slightly annoyed to realise that Twitter, en masse, has been turned into a shill so that the Sun can print a prurient kiss and tell story. The details of the injunction ruling make for interesting reading, and my opinion is that the default position is that individuals should have a right to privacy unless there is an overwhelming public interest in that privacy being breached. A football (allegedly) shagging an ex Big Brother contestant is hardly news, is it? With corporations and governments, the assumption should be the other way round - information should be public, unless there is a very good reason for it not to be.

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