Monday, May 02, 2011

Boss Drum

You know what I hate?

Boss battles that are approximately 93.7 times more difficult than the rest of game put together. Yes, I'm looking at you Beyond Good and Evil! Grrr. Try again tomorrow, I suppose.

I also hate people who think that an appropriate response to somebody being shot is to wave flags and prance about like they were at a football match or something. One death doesn't undo all of the thousands of deaths on 9/11, or the hundreds of thousands of deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan. Time to draw a line under the whole sorry business and move on, although I fear that there will be more attacks and reprisals for attacks and reprisals for reprisals for a long time yet.

On a happier note, Sharktopus is a cheap and cheerful creature feature from the undisputed maestro of low budget schlock Roger Corman, and it is well worth 90 minutes of your time if you are in the mood for something silly.

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