Sunday, March 27, 2011

We Stole Light

It's five minutes to eight, and there is still a smidge of light in the sky, if you look for it. I *like* this day - I don't feel as if I have lost an hour, I feel as if have won back my light evenings with the promise of warm summer days to come.

A bit of T215 work - mostly setting up some collaborative work on a team project wiki and the online bit of block 2. I need to start thinking about my report on LTE 4G technology, but I've already got some ideas about how I need to tackle it.

In games news, I got past the bit I was stuck on in BG&E last night and made a fair bit of progress past some tricky stealth bits. What made the biggest impression on me, however, was a little interlude with a personal message from P'eyj on a cd that was oddly affecting. This game truly is a classic of videogame design.

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Jim Jepps said...

I like it too. Seems more civilised.