Monday, March 28, 2011

Night Zombies

Back to getting up in the dark this morning, although it won't be for long - the sky was already getting light by the time I'd made my way downstairs to put the kettle on this morning. There was a touch of frost on the car too, but I can live with that given the achingly blue sky and pleasant spring sunshine.

Busy at work - a tricky remote install and then supporting one of my cow-orkers in one urgent bit of work whilst simultaneously wrangling another bit of work for the same client. I've got to make sure I'm up to date by close of play tomorrow, because I'm down in London for a meeting Wednesday and then heading back via Birmingham for a site visit on Thursday.

In music news, my freebie download this morning was a collection of hip-hop mashup tracks from a producer called Tor who has been remixing songs by Sufjan Stevens. It makes for an interesting cross section of genres and moods, and it's worth your listening time I would say. Download the tracks from this page.

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