Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ten Years

A gloriously sunny, spring-like day today with a very pleasant stroll around the block at lunch time. Smashing. The drive in has been getting steadily better too - I set off at the same time of twenty past seven and I'm at the office for just after eight (no mints though), which allows me to snuck off a bit earlier in the afternoon.

It was our tenth wedding anniversary yesterday, but we kept it fairly low key as neither of us are big on the ushy-gushy stuff. We did treat ourselves to a very nice meal at the pub up the road though. It was surprisingly busy for a Wednesday night, but we managed to get a table and I was stouffered after eating a magnificent creation known as a Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding wrap (slices of roast beef, rolled up in a big Yorkshire pud - nom). We are also going out tomorrow night to drink beer and mank around to disreputable bands at the Leadmill, but more of that anon.

In games news, I am back to where I was in Plants vs Zombies with a fully stocked zen garden and some cheevos under my metaphorical belt. I have been racking up some cash by watering the garden, applying bug spray and soothing music where required, feeding my pet snail some chocolate and then leaving him to hoover up coins for half an hour whilst I do other stuff.

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Alan said...

Ooh, congratulations to you both!