Saturday, February 26, 2011

Riding the Low - Leadmill 25/02/11

A rainy Friday night in Sheffield and what better place to go than the Leadmill to drink beer and listen to music?

First on the bill were the 'Hometown Hobos' - a raw but engaging pub rock band who did a sterling job in warming up the crowd starting to fill up the back room. A short break and then next up were 'Lateral Vision' - continuing the rock theme. A little more polished than the Hobos, with some blistering guitar and interesting use of a six string bass. The last of the support bands was 'Ruberlaris' a fun, bouncy ska band with a touch of Arctic Monkeys thrown in for good measure. They brought along a contingent of mind bogglingly young skins who bounced around at the front, having a good time. A good varied mix of styles there, I think.

Finally, the headliners 'Riding the Low' took the stage ...

Lead singer Paddy Considine, perhaps better known for his acting roles, makes for a charismatic front man for a tight and efficient group of musicians who gave us an excellent and varied set of tunes. We somehow managed to find ourselves right up at the front and it really was a superb experience to see music this good close up. They held the attention of the crowd all of the way through the gig and left us wanting more - always a good way to go out. We didn't manage to grab the set list at the end, but I found the EP 'They Will Rob You Of Your Gifts' on itunes for the bargain price of £1.99.

All in all - ACEBEST!

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