Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Peace Frog

I had a bit of an odd start to the morning today.

I went to feed the cats in my usual quarter past six catatonic state and noticed something odd in the water bowl. What at first glance appeared to be a bit of mud turned out to be a perfectly hee-yuge frog. I suppose that one of the cats must have dragged it in during the night and it had taken refuge in the water. I took it outside by the grass and it happily hopped away. Makes a change from meeses and birdersons I suppose.

Work has been the usual busyness today. As alluded to yesterday, I finally figured out why my HMRC end of year split submissions weren't going through - the number of parts does not include the final summary part and once I changed that, it all sailed through. Now we just need to test it on site with the full 50,000 record database. Should be fun (for some values of fun).

In OU news, I finished the section on WiFi network protocols, so I'm on to Service Oriented Architectures now. This fits in quite nicely with the java stuff that I am doing, but on a larger systems level rather than individual software objects. I think I can probably make some headway on the first TMA at the weekend, as well as continuing to chip away at TMA 03 for M255.

In games news, I've got back to where I was in Plants vs Zombies with Survival mode and Zen Garden for relaxing with. Bliss.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Frog! FTW!

Nancy said...

What a cute little frog!