Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Lego Rock Band

I like Lego games. I *really* like Rock Band games. So, when I saw Lego Rock Band on sale buying it was pretty much a given.

We fired it up for a quick go last night and after an excellent lego version of the usual RB1/2 intro movie started the career mode. It suffers from the old problem of signing in the first controller it sees with the logged in profile, but this can be worked around by starting the game with just one controller plugged in and then adding the others later. Other than that, it is pretty much business as usual and very familiar territory, with the notable addition of a super easy mode to make things easy for youngsters.

We played a couple of songs in career mode, followed by some quick play choices. I was especially tickled to see lego versions of Blur and Queen as playable characters in the appropriate songs.

I think we will just end up exporting all of the songs to use in Rock Band 3, and there are some goodies on there, including Queen, Blur, Bon Jovi and Blink 182. Aces!

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Ryan said...

thats pretty was awesome when i was a kid, i used them all the time