Thursday, February 10, 2011


Eight candidates for a prestigious job at a mysterious corporation walk into a windowless room. They represent a equal mix of men and women, ethnic groups and personalities. An invigilator tells them that they have passed all of the preliminary tests and they now face the final exam. He explains the rules: if they leave - they will be disqualified, if they attempt to communicate with the invigilator or the guard on the door - they will be disqualified, if they spoil their paper - they will be disqualified. They have eighty minutes to complete the exam and he starts a countdown clock at the front of the room before leaving. When they turn their papers over, they are blank ... what would you do?

This is a low budget movie with a simple and intriguing premise that echoes the nightmare we all have of turning up for an exam with no idea of what to expect. The on screen caption at the beginning says that it takes place 'soon', but it is very easy to imagine a similar scenario taking place on 'The Apprentice'. The acting is a little stagy at times, and the ending a touch melodramatic, but it held my interest throughout with a satisfying conclusion.

Worth a watch.

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