Thursday, January 27, 2011

Close to the Edit

The culmination of a stressful couple of days came today when I found out that a change to the software requested as an urgent fix for the year end that I have rushed to get done today won't actually be needed as the situation that it might apply to doesn't occur in their system. The change hasn't really been properly tested and has gone out in the service pack, with an attendant risk of breaking something else. Bah!

Still, seeing as I got in for 8:15 this morning and worked through my lunch hour, I felt perfectly justified in snucking out of the office at half past four, meaning that I drove most of the way home with a smidge of light in the sky and missed the start of the rush hour, giving me a reasonable journey for once. Hurrah!

Anyhoos, I think it may well be time to listen to some podcasts and play a bit of Plants vs Zombies Zen Garden to unwind ...

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