Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Back up a little bit

My daily commute to Leeds is really getting me down at the moment. With the roadworks and the slow traffic in the dark and the rain, it's taking over an hour each way. Last night was even worse as there had been an accident on the motorway - I left the office just before five and didn't get home until nearly seven.

Work has been busy too, with a release due to go out and the usual mad scramble to get stuff tested and included. We've also been interviewing for a new developer post which means time to read cvs and prepare for interviews in our copious free time.

On top of this, I'm trying to put in an hour or two of OU work a day, until I get an idea of how much time T215 is going to be taking up over the next couple of months when I am studying in parallel to M255. I don't want to lose momentum, and it would be all too easy to slack off when I am feeling tired and end up losing my head start.

So, all in all, tired.

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