Sunday, December 05, 2010

White Blur

Another cold day, but with deep blue skies and bright sunshine bouncing off the remaining snow in the field it didn't feel too bad, all things considered. I even left the house this afternoon, nervously edging my car out onto the skating rink that passes for our road at the moment.

We headed into town and drove around for a while looking for a parking spot. The open car parks and some of the side roads still looked a bit treacherous, so we eventually ended up in the NCP car park. A couple of quid, but at least it was ice free and close to where we wanted to go. We traded in a bunch of games at Game and used up some points on the reward card to buy two new games for £11.00 (with £6.00 worth of new points on the card as well, also). That's two xmas pressies sorted - result!

After that it was time for a quick look in Waterstones followed by a mooch around the Christmas market in the Peace Gardens where I treated myself to a perfectly hee-yuge char grilled Bratwurst with mustard. Nom.

Home again and straight out with the dog before returning to the warm for a nap, a warming gingerbread latte and a slice of Mr Kipling's xmas cake. Nom again.

Now for the first disc of my Two Towers extended edition - all together now -

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