Monday, December 06, 2010

Pale Shelter

A bitterly cold night with a hard frost that saw out scraping ice from my car at a quarter past six with the temperature nudging minus eight. Just the way I like to start my Monday mornings.

The journey in to Leeds was well over an hour again - long enough to listen to all of the Seven Day Sunday podcast followed by a reasonable chunk of 'Full Dark, No Stars' by Stephen King which is my current audio book. The temperature fell even lower during the journey, to minus ten, before the sun started peeking above the horizon.

Work - busy busy busy, with much chopping and changing between different stuff. Not much else to say about it really, other than there's a lot of stuff to get completed over the next two and a bit weeks before the xmas break. Full hunker down mode in effect, I think.

In games news, after tidying out the games cupboard yesterday, I had an urge to play Vice City again. It's awkward to control and graphically primitive compared to GTA IV, but I still love the atmosphere of cruising along the beach front watching the sun set and listening to 80s music on Wave 103. Aces.

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