Thursday, December 02, 2010

When the Work is Done

More snow overnight, and a touch more during the day, but at least we had a chance to get out and clear the driveway and enough of the road to be able to get Jan's car out and give it enough of a run up to get moving on the rest of the frozen bits up the street. The shoveling was hard work though and my legs are now aching from the effort of that and taking Barney through the deep snow in the field for his evening walkies.

The temperature is dropping by the minute though and it looks as though it's going to hit a record low tonight by all accounts. I'm very glad to be in the warm with a extremely chocolaty hot chocolate made with frothed milk and a shot of espresso to give it a bit of a kick.

Today's advent freebies include Sailboat Pro - a surprisingly tricky sailing game that requires quite a bit of thought of how to tack across the wind to get round the courses and iQuarium - a rather cute fish tank simulator. The free app of the day was Notesy, which inspired me to finally get around to signing up for a Dropbox account with 2Gb of online storage. I now have all of my OU work backed up and available on both my Mac and Linux machines, as well as my iPhone, and I still have plenty of room to spare for other stuff. If anybody doesn't have an account, let me know and I'll send you a referral link which will get you a bonus 250Mb of space.

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Nancy said...

Dropbox has changed my life!