Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Let it Snow!

Weather : Snow. Lots and lots of snow. There was no sign that we cleared the cars and shovelled the drive this morning and the snow continued off and on for most of the day, piling into drifts deep enough to almost lose the dog in.

As with yesterday, I was lucky enough to be able to just plug my laptop in and work at home, whilst watching the snow swirling outside. Other benefits included a commute of approximately five seconds from my bedroom to the study, infinitely superior coffee and a selection of cats using the window sill as a viewing platform to monitor the outside world.

I managed one walk around the woods before it got too dark, but it was hard going wading through the deep snow so I was more than ready for my gingerbread latte and the first choccie from my Milky Bar advent calendar tonight. Nom.

In games news, iPhone and iPod folk out there should go and bookmark Appventcalendar for free stuff every day until xmas. Today's game is Time Geeks which is a fun 'Where's Wally' style game with some nifty pixel art with lots of in jokes to spot, including Moss from the IT crowd, a Twitter fail whale and the smoke monster from Lost.

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