Thursday, December 16, 2010

Up jumped the devil

Dark, with the added joy of blustery rain this morning. The rain started to turn into snow around lunch time as the temperature dipped towards the frosty end of the scale. It didn't amount to much though, and the skies cleared causing the mercury to dive even lower. Brrr.

The good work news is that I am now officially a Senior Software Developer, so hurrah for that. In elfin safety news, we dug out the box of xmas decos this afternoon and draped a bit of tinsel along the dividers between the desks. I even went so far as to string some fairy lights up as well, which was very festive until I noticed a funny burning smell and unplugged them in the interests of not burning the office to the ground.

Still, only two more days in the office next week and then it's time for a break, which I am muchly looking forward to.

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Nancy said...

Congrats on the promotion!