Sunday, December 26, 2010

Squeeze Box

Technically it's not actually Boxing Day until tomorrow, but seeing as how I've not actually done anything today other than eat, watch telly, play games and go out for the occasional dog walk then that sounds pretty much like a typical Boxing day to me.

To elaborate sightly, the telly was 'Cars' recorded from the other day, one of the very few Pixar movies that I hadn't previously seen. I enjoyed it immensely, particularly the design of the characters and the profusion of cameo appearances and in-jokes for petrol heads, not least a brief appearance from the highly appropriate voice of Jeremy Clarkson. The CGI was pretty darned impressive too. Good movie.

Games wise, I've played through 'Shadows of the Vashta Narada', the Doctor Who adventure game that I downloaded yesterday. This one is set in an underwater base, with echos of Bioshock and Half Life. It's an intriguing story that makes good use of the setting with a nice twist at the end too. There's one particularly tricky stealth puzzle at one point, that had me cursing before I managed to complete it by accident rather than design. I've enjoyed this series of games, even though there didn't turn out to be much of an arc to them as the first episode had hinted at. Worth a download.

That's about it, Boxing Day wise!

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