Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Thin Ice

Minus 6.2 last night, according to the weather station and it didn't get above freezing all day by my reckoning. Winter draws on, I would say.

Last night's movie, appropriately enough was 'Frozen'. Three young hipsters bribe a ski lift attendant to let them on the chair lift without passes to enjoy a spot of weekend skiing and snowboarding on the cheap. Unwisely they try to sneak in one last run before nightfall and find themselves stranded in mid air when the lift closes down and the lights go off. It's dark, very cold and it doesn't take them long to realise that they are in a great deal of trouble.

This is a perfect example of a well made, low budget movie that will have you alternately gripped and then saying 'well, I wouldn't have tried doing *that*' as the situation that the characters are in gets progressively worse. It's like the set up for particularly grim episode of Casualty and several scenes will have you wincing in sympathy. I watched this movie knowing nothing about it, other than the basic premise, and this made it perfect viewing for a chilly Saturday night.

OU work today included polishing off two chapters of unit 6, including a reasonably chunky bit of programming, and organizing my notes into a form suitable for sending to my Kindle as a revision aide memoir.

That done with, and another walk in the sub zero woods (winter coat update - remarkably toasty with the hood up!), and I'm now into my annual winter rewatching of my Lord of the Rings dvd box sets which look stunningly good on the new telly.

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Nancy said...

That must be the movie that one of my students told me about in great detail. Are there wolves?