Monday, November 29, 2010

Rocket Reducer

The temperature warmed up slightly overnight, to a sultry minus one, and was accompanied by a dusting of snow. There was a bit more snow on the way into work but the roads were clear, although it was the worst traffic that I have yet seen - an hour and twenty minutes to do my usual thirty five minute trip. The car park was practically empty too, although to be fair, I think the snow was worse to the north of Leeds, so folk coming from that direction will have had more problems.

A minor bit of excitement last night when I had to rescue a mouse from the bathroom upstairs where Daisy had taken it. I picked it up in a towel and released it over the wall at the front of the house where it scurried away to safety. I wonder what goes through Daisy's little cat like brain when she manages to catch a mouse in the dark, bring it into the house, take it upstairs and drop it, and then forget what she was supposed to be doing with it.

No telly to report on - we were going to watch the second episode of 'Any Human Heart' but our signal for channel 4 seems to have dissolved into a pixelated mess recently, which nixed that idea. We should be able to watch it on 4OD or via, ahem, other means.

I did finish watching 'The Fellowship of the Ring' which was as good as I remembered, even if I did notice one or two bits of slightly ropy CGI, such as the bit where Legolas jumps on top of the troll to shoot an arrow into its brain. The sweeping panoramas are still a treat to watch though, and I really hope that 'The Hobbit' is going to be filmed in the same places. Two Towers next week!

In games news, I played a bit of Rock Band to brush up my keyboard skills. I ran through some scales practice first (all that's missing is the rap over the knuckles with a ruler from the piano teacher) before launching into a bit of quick play - in retrospect, picking 'Light My Fire' to practice first on was probably a mistake, but I went back to some easier tracks and picked up enough fans to unlock the jet for a world tour next Friday which should make a change from our previous trek down the west coast.

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