Monday, November 08, 2010

Cold Wind Blows

As Mondays go, I've had better.

I could tell it was going to be cold, wet and windy as soon as I saw the three cats indoors first thing, rather than outside on the fence as they normally are. The weather station confirmed that it was 4 degrees and I guess you could knock a fair amount off that for wind chill too. I set off a bit earlier than normal, but it didn't help. I hit the first knot of traffic about five miles in to the journey and it was crawling from there all the way into Leeds.

I knew that wasn't going to get my usual space, so I parked in the overflow car park and got soaked walking in to the office. I had stuff to set up in our web system to demo to the consultants and found a whole bunch of things that weren't working properly after our image server crashed a while back. I worked through lunch and just about got it set up by half past two, and then spent an hour talking about it and showing them what to do.

Back to my desk, and immediately on to a problem on site that I suspect is down to a change made by one of the consultants (who was conveniently on holiday today) and will probably have to wait until she gets in tomorrow. I didn't leave until after five, just in time for another walk in the freezing rain back to the car park and the same crawl home - not quite as long as the morning, thankfully, but bad enough in the dark.

By the time I got home my eyelids were drooping and I asleep on the bed for fifteen minutes before I was even in a fit state to make a cup of coffee. At least that perked me up enough to enjoy two episodes of Sarah Jane Adventures from last week.

No games news, no OU news. Normal service will be resumed when I have a chance to recover.


Nancy said...

Awwww - hope you recover soon.

Nancy said...

Hey, what happened to this week?