Monday, November 01, 2010

Breath in the Air

Even though I know it is coming, the point at which I start driving home in the dark is a depressing milestone in the year. Even though the clocks have gone back an hour, it is still dark when I get up in the morning, made even worse by overcast, grey skies today as well.

Back to work this morning, and thankfully the orange that I had left in my desk drawer hadn't mouldered too much. There was the usual trawl through a week's worth of emails, not to mention the $hilariously_large_made_up_number of Microsoft updates with compulsory reboot at the end. Apparently we also now have to have our laptop hard drives encrypted shortly, which I can't see doing anything positive for the speed of the version control software. It's yet more sticking plasters on the festering corpse of windows security. Anybody else remember Windows 3.0 where you could defeat the fiendish security login screen simply by clicking cancel?

In games news, I was pleased to note that I was in the top 1% of some of the online leaderboards for Rock Band. I am sure this is due to my l33t keyboard rawk skillz and emphatically not because not many people have played the tracks yet.

PS I've bought my copy of Mitch Benn's 'Proud of the BBC' off of iTunes - let's get it to number one, eh?

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