Saturday, October 30, 2010

Summer's Almost Gone

Another crisp Autumn day, perfect for tramping through the big piles of leaves that are accumulating in our corner of the field. I could do without the imminent dark nights and exploding fireworks for the next two weeks or so.

I managed my statutory hour of work on java methods, focusing on the correct use of returns and arguments. I'm gradually finding my way round the development environment and editor now, and it's all starting to make sense at last. I'd quite like a plug in or something to use vi as an editor, but that's my old unix geek coming out again.

In games news, Rock Band 3 is excellent. It's quite easily the most comprehensive music game around now, and the new quick play mode makes finding what you want to play, by genre, year, difficulty or whatever, a snap. The interface takes a bit of getting used to, and the manual isn't really much help, but it now seems possible for people to swap in and out of the game at any point and adjust difficulty and other settings at any point. Which is nice.

The keyboard really does feel like a professional bit of kit, which it is - there's a proper midi output on the side, so it's eminently usable with Garageband if you have a midi to USB cable. The learning curve for it is fearsome, but this is something that is going to take the same dedication as proper music lessons with scales and chords to practice.

Music wise, there are plenty of good tunes on the tracklist to explore, with early highlights from last night's session being the Doors, Amy Winehouse and the uber-cheesy J Geils Band Centerfold to enjoy. It was also straightforward to import all of our existing tracks from Rock Band 1 and 2, giving us lots of stuff to go at.

If you have the time, money and inclination, then Rock Band 3 is an absolute must buy.

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