Saturday, October 16, 2010

Book of Saturday

Strange dreams again, no doubt fuelled by the bottle of Mount Gay Eclipse that I made a start on last night. No lie in either, as today was my first M255 tutorial day in Leeds so after taking the dog for a quick turn around the woods it was onto the motorway for exactly the same journey as I do every other day.

Well, not exactly the same, as without the usual week day traffic, the trip takes considerably less time, and was exactly the right duration to listen to the latest Shift Run Stop which was a real saunter down memory lane to the true story behind great Prestel hack carried out by Robert Schifreen back in the 80s. A salutary lesson in computer security, I think.

We parked in my office car park and I walked up to the university to find the assigned room for my tutorial which turned out to be, as the helpful porter explained, up the stairs, first left, along the corridor, past the first set of lifts, up to the seventh floor, left and then right, and in fact, in a completely different building. Hmmmm.

The tutorial was mainly an overview of the course, with some useful tips and things to watch out for in the assessments and the end of course exam. I think the other tutorials will cover more practical aspects as we cover more of the material.

Lunch in a handy Subway, and then back home for a much needed snooze.

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