Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Beginning of Memory

Weather, as cheery as a drizzly October day can be expected to be. Ho hum.

It struck me just now that the one thing I haven't done with the new sound system is play some music off of a CD through it (yes, just like in the olden days Granddad). I've become so used to listening to music via my iPhone with the option of something around 3,500 tracks to choose from (not to mention podcasts and audiobooks) that the act of selecting an album and listening to it in sequential order seems quite an unusual thing to do.

So, to remedy this I've just put on the CD of Homeland by Laurie Anderson and it really is superb. The depth and detail in the sound is a revelation, particularly in the contrast between the high pitched strings and the deep, resonant bass. Yum.

In other news, today has not been entirely given over to Angry Birds, Pocket Frogs, Words with Friends, Carcassonne and afternoon naps. Oh no. I knuckled down to a couple of hours of OU work and finished the TMA question for units 1 - 3, so it's on to Unit 4 tomorrow, which is where it looks like the course starts to up the programming content to a more challenging level.

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