Saturday, September 11, 2010


So, the long promised Game Center is on the iPhone, but it's looking a little threadbare so far. The one positive thing is that it has got me playing the classic Flight Control again which I was pleased to see had acquired a couple of new air-fields to play with since the last time I looked at it. I can't quite see how the match-making is going to work, but the leaderboards and achievements are all very much in the xbox live vein. No bad thing really.

In spider news, our eight legged friend turned up again last night, although this time in the downstairs loo rather than the lounge. It is a rather handsome beastie with a fair turn of speed when I let it go on the wall outside again. I think this may become a regular thing ...

In other games news, we now have Rock Band 2, so I've exported all of our music out of RB1 and set up a new band tour. Jolly good fun as usual, and I'm certainly tempted by the new keyboard peripheral in the forthcoming Rock Band 3.

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