Friday, September 03, 2010

Angelfish Decay

An overcast start to the day, and I was up at my usual time to feed the animals, make cups of tea and have some breakfast myself. After packing the boy off to school (oh dear, how sad, never mind) and doing some cleaning, I settled down to play some games.

First up was the third episode of the downloadable Doctor Who games, this one being entitled simply 'Tardis' and offering a tantalizing glimpse into the nether reaches of the eponymous time machine. I particularly enjoyed exploring the drawing room packed with artifacts from all of the Doctor's incarnations including the second Doctor's recorder and the fourth Doctor's scarf. No sign of the sixth Doctor's acting ability though ... :-)

I worked through my Diplomacy orders too. I'm not overly impressed with the Facebook implementation as I find the map confusing to read with fiddly lines and symbols. In contrast, the version at Play Diplomacy is much better, combining a simple, clear map display with a proper, text report of orders and results. The messaging interface - an essential component of Diplomacy - is similarly good and does what it says on the tin. Worth a look, if you have a hankering to play the game.

In other games news, I finished off the Alan Wake downloadable episode last night and wasn't overly impressed with the ending, which was just a battle with some shadow possessed TVs in a warehouse (no, really). I'm hoping this is just setting things up for the next episode, but it feels out of place with the six episodes of the main storyline.

The sky started to brighten up so we mooched off downtown and had some of the best fish and chips I have ever had in the Devonshire Cat, along with a smashing pint of Jaipur IPA. Yum.

Home again for a nap, a walk with the dog, a quick attack on the lawn with the hoover and it is now time for a Mojito and Rock Band ... your Friday night starts here!

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