Sunday, August 08, 2010

Well, Saturday night turned out to be Beatles night round here.

We fired up Beatles Rock Band and played through the sections for Shea Stadium, Budokan and most of Abbey Road, five starring a couple of tracks on the way. I am really enjoying this game, particularly the collaborative aspect of it, and the chance to re-evaluate and appreciate some truly classic recordings. The presentation is superbly done, with the animated dream sequences that play alongside some of the more psychedelic numbers being mini works of art in their own right.

After that, and an evening meal of some rather nommy venison burgers we settled down to watch the Hurt Locker - Katherine Bigelow's take on an American bomb disposal team at work in Baghdad. Whilst it was a gripping bit of drama, it was a very narrow and one sided portrayal of the war, with no attempt to show things from an alternative perspective. On the plus side, it was very well filmed and the soundtrack certainly gave the surround sound speakers a good work out.

PS Just posted over on South Yorkshire Skeptics ...

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