Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Strange Overtones

Weather : A bright start followed by a descent into a world of grey around lunchtime before ending up with a bit of sunshine to end the day - seven out of ten on the sun-o-meter, I think.

Yesterday had turned out to be surprisingly tiring, all round, and I finished it off with an hour on Rock Band playing 'Still Alive' (aka the song from off of the end of Portal) on guitar. Quite amusing to see the faux punk lead singer of our band 'The Thermal Pigs' singing along in the voice of the demented computer GladOs.

I had a bit of disturbed night last, after flaking out during Big Brother, and felt rough this morning. I had stomach cramps for most of the day, off and on, necessitating frequent trips to the loo. Not much fun.

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