Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Weather : wet

In contrast to the empty roads of the last two days, a bit of rain brought everything to a grinding halt today. C'mon people - you are all in reasonably modern cars with decent anti-lock brakes, so there should be no need to drive as if you have Miss Daisy in the back glaring at you reproachfully for exceeding the walking pace of an asthmatic tortoise. With rickets.

A frustrating morning at work, trying to get something running on one of the monster demo laptops for a demo next week with lots of fiddling with virtual machines under vmware. After a fruitless hour, we found out that the demo had been cancelled anyway so there wasn't quite the same rush to get it sorted and it can wait until my cow-orker who knows more about such tricksy bits of the system to get back from his hols in a week's time.

It was Jamie's birthday today - fourteen years old, by crikey and a proper teenager. He is well past the jelly and ice cream stage now, so his birthday has mainly been centred around Green Day Rock Band, a new iPod and the promise of a Chinese take-away for later.

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Anonymous said...

Happy b'day Jamie.