Saturday, August 21, 2010

Highway Star

After my complaint yesterday I was rewarded with a sunny day (mostly) and it was warm enough to require my Panama for the morning walk. Hoorah! I made hay (or at least cut the grass) whilst the sun shone, so the garden was looking tidy too.

A much needed afternoon nap, and a trip out to the retail park to look at tellies - I'm being nagged, er, encouraged to choose a bigger tv and blu-ray player for the lounge and I have to go through my usual umming and ahing routine before committing to any techo-purchase.

Home to Rock Band, and the songs are really starting to get more difficult. The final tune on our set list tonight was the six minute Highway Star with a punishing guitar solo in the middle. Jan was playing drums on hard too, which was a spectacular achievement I think.

Ace fun for a Saturday night with a beer (or two).

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