Sunday, July 11, 2010

When the Machines Rock

After a sultry night (temperature wise), it felt a bit fresher this morning, which was a relief. Last night saw the usual BBQ based nommage and I found that the sausages and burgers cooked better with a bit less charcoal than I normally put on. I lit the chiminea as well, but it wasn't really needed and I ended up having to move my chair away as I was too warm.

I finished off the last chapter of 'Blood of the Cybermen' today, and jolly good it was too apart from one slightly irritating stealth section where it seemed to be trial and error as to whether the Doctor and Amy would duck down and hide from a patrolling Cyberslave. The puzzle solving mini-games were better in this episode I think, compared to the previous one, being more logical and not as tricky to control. The story was good and made me jump a couple of times, with the whole cyber-conversion process veering into body horror that I think might be a touch on the disturbing side for some youngsters playing.

I've also played a bit of Red Dead too, finishing the Multiplayer hunting challenges by tracking down Khan the jaguar and Brumas the legendary bear. The last one was particularly tricky as he was accompanied by three other grizzlies who were chasing me at the same time. I had to spur my horse to the top of a ridge and then down him with a couple of head shots. I've also levelled up enough to earn a Cleveland Bay horse as a mount. Which is nice.

Right, time to walk El Doggo ...

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