Monday, July 05, 2010

Straight to Hell

The worst of the heat from last week seems to have abated, leaving a handful of clouds in the sky and a fresh breeze. I was going to say that I had a better night's sleep as a result, but the aforementioned breeze blew something off of the windowsill behind the curtain at around two in the morning which woke us up.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I also had some disturbing dreams after watching the 'Bionic Vet' the other night, in which Frank the cat ran into traffic and had one of his front paws run over. He was out snoozing in the sun yesterday, so I didn't actually see him until the evening when he came in to lounge on the sofa for a bit, thankfully with all paws present and accounted for. Funny how dreams like that can make you worry.

More interviews and cvs to review at work today, including one particularly egregious five page example that could have used some serious editing down and proof reading. I don't know how much relevance somebody having used Borland Paradox is these days, or OS/2 Warp for that matter, and we shall gloss over their experience with 'Rad Hat Linux' and 'Apple Mackintosh'. Surely every guide to writing a cv tells you to limit it to two pages maximum of relevant information and to check it for spelling mistakes before submitting it? Sigh.

Last night's movie was the rather amusing 'Men Who Stare At Goats' with Ewan McGregor as a journalist delving into the secret history of the US Military's crack-a-lack-ding-dong training programmes for psychic soldiers, whilst on a Hunter S Thompson style picaresque road trip into occupied Iraq in 2003. Worth a watch, particularly for Jeff Bridges turn as the ponytailed CO of the unit who has a psychic awakening after falling out of a helicopter in Vietnam.

Good news from the BBC Trust review that Six Music has been reprieved, although slightly bitter sweet with the Asian Network facing the chop as well as 25% cuts in online services. Just goes to show the power of the nerd army when it comes to organising online protests, and I suspect that when the revolution comes Six Music will be providing the soundtrack (and probably playing The Clash).

PS Just posted over at the South Yorkshire Skeptical Society blog

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Nancy said...

Bad job candidates make good stories. Someone who interviewed for a tech support job (the job Mark had for awhile) described himself as "not very good with people" and said he sometimes had days when he preferred not to talk to anyone at all. The unproofread resumes are baffling.