Sunday, July 04, 2010

State of Independence

Firstly, happy 4th of July to all of our colonial cousins over there! Have a swell day, y'all! (Or words to that effect).

To celebrate in appropriate style I have of course played a bit more Red Dead with two co-op missions that were new to me. In the first one we rescued a farmer's daughter from a fort full of desperadoes and then drove back to the farmstead in a stagecoach in the middle of a running gun battle. In the second we took on a gang of cattle rustlers to take back a herd of prime livestock, driving them across the prairie to the corral back in town. This game really does have everything that you could want to do in the wild west, in one form or another.

I haven't just played Red Dead though, oh no. I also installed the Doctor Who game and after tinkering with the graphics settings, played through the first chapter and a bit. It's set in an arctic base full of cybermen and is actually a bit grim, once you stop to think about the body count in it. Worth a download if you are in the UK (or can find a suitable proxy).

Right, time for a film, I think.

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