Thursday, July 08, 2010

Reap the wild wind

Well, the hot weather is back with a vengeance, although exactly what it is avenging and why is not exactly clear. It is also accompanied by a hot, dry mistral like wind that has deposited a fair few leaves on the lawn and throughout the rest of the garden, so I have just had my usual job of clearing them up. To slake my dust dry throat tonight, I am currently enjoying an iced coffee - a shot of espresso over ice, topped up with milk and a dash of vanilla syrup. Very refreshing.

Work at home today, which has been reasonably quiet and therefore productive, I think. I checked in my latest set of changes and bounced them to the consultant to test, and she's not been back to me so far, so no news is good news I guess.

In games news, I've started playing Words With Friends again, after a Carcassonne induced hiatus, although on that subject I'm still playing the odd game with Lufferov. I made the mistake in our last match of leaving it too late to claim fields after most of men were blocked in, or assigned to cities that I couldn't complete. Maybe the strategy is to get one meeple down early as a marker and then reinforce it at the beginning of the end-game. Hmmm.

Anyhoos, it's Friday night, I have a date to play Red Dead co-op with some of the folks from UGVM and there is cold beer to be drunk.

Let's roll!

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Nancy said...

I just started a WWF game with you, or with whoever chose thermalsatsuma as their username. :-) Perhaps this will be a very slow game. . .