Thursday, July 01, 2010

Podcast Thursday

  • AIOTM (aiotm) I know I keep plugging this, but as Andrew Collings says, it is turning into the disgusting Goons. In this episode, Richard Herring manages to deconstruct his own jokes (in this case the rubbish 'Motorcycle Clothing Shop' sketch from last week) to add a whole new level of surreal humour to them. Relax in your high backed armchair and enjoy this - it's great (aside - it's not, it's shit).
  • The Infinite Monkey Cage Another fascinating live panel discussion, this time featuring string theorist Brian Greene, comics demi-god Alan Moore, and, er, Jonathan Ross. It's rather sweet that Alan Moore is genuinely pleased that some of his fanciful SF stories, such as a planet where the immense gravity warps time, actually turn out to be based in science fact. Top marks also to Robin Ince for his use of the word 'Orthogonal' in a joke - only on Radio 4 ... :-)
  • Xlr8r - A proper old skool rave mix by Moby on a new podcast to me. Gosh, this takes me back to 1988 ...
  • Marsha Meets ... Alexei Sayle One of the pioneers of alternative comedy, now a respected writer and grumpy old man.

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