Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Window Faces The South

And so, another weekend draws to its inevitable conclusion in the grey dusk of a Sunday evening. Still, one more week of work and then I have a whole week off, so rah!

Not a brilliant start to the day. I woke up feeling somewhat achey and moseyed downstairs to let the cats in. Frank ran past me into the hallway and then into the studio where he promptly honked out a perfectly heeyuge furball on the floor. Lovely. Didn't stop him tucking into his breakfast shortly afterwards either.

We've had an extraordinary number of birds in the garden over the last couple of days, feeding off the Hebe and the bird feeder. We've seen a variety of tits, finches and sparrows as well as our two resident collared doves up on the roofline. Unfortunately two have succumbed to the teeth and claws of our resident serial killers, but hopefully natural selection will cause the birdies to evolve machine guns or something in response.

Last night's telly was mainly an excellent look at the people and culture of America's south, presented by Rich Hall. More pertinantly, it looked at how the south has been represented in popular culture from the Civil War onwards, from the plays of Tenessee Williams, to the songs of blues and rock'n'roll to Hollywood and television. Fascinating viewing, and Rich Hall is always amusing and trenchant to boot. It's still on iplayer here if you are quick.

In games news, I had an urge to install Baldur's Gate II which is no mean feat and involved finding the box up in the loft, remembering how to boot up Boot Camp (and then waiting for the obligatory windows and anti-virus updates) before installing five CDs and a patch before settling down to play. It was worth the time, nuff said.

In other games news, we'll not mention the game of Words with Friends where I currently have four As, two Os and an I. I wonder if there's some Hawaiian word I can make out of those?

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Nancy said...

It's all Us and Hs over here. Not our game but another.