Saturday, July 31, 2010

Learning to Fly

Weather : sunshine, showers and sort of breezy.

Two games of note to mention today. First up, an xbox indie game called Avaglide. It's a remarkably polished gliding game with the hook that your xbox live avatar is the pilot. The graphics are bright and cartoony, being very reminiscent of a Nintendo game with large stars to collect on one of the game modes. My favourite mode is the free flight which is a relaxing way to spend five or ten minutes swooping around. It's the first time I have downloaded one of these, and I reckon it's good value for 80 MS points (or about 60p).

The other game is Alan Wake, which I've returned to after a longish hiatus to play Red Dead. It really is a very good game, albeit the polar opposite of the wide open sunny vistas of Neuvo Pariso. The story is intriguing, and is not ashamed to name check its influences of Stephen King, HP Lovecraft mixed with a healthy dose of Twin Peaks. I like the episodic structure with appropriate music to close out each part and a 'previously on' montage at the start of the next bit. I'm on the last chapter of the main storyline and then it's on to the free DLC episode.

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