Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Here comes the rain again

Well, the garden is looking a tad greener after a day or so of rain, and it also seems to have washed some of the dust out of the atmosphere too. It's still pleasantly warm though, with a bit of sunshine in between the showers. The showers all ganged up on the way home and turned into a proper downpour - the heaviest I can remember for a year or two.

I'm enjoying Big Brother at the moment, even if I've not quite got a handle on the house dynamics yet. The addition of the three new housemates has shaken things up, but it seems pretty much inevitable that while Andrew, the 19 year old maths geek, is quite popular, Keeley and Rachel are likely to be early casualties. Still, this leaves the mid to end game looking very interesting although the 'save and replace' twist is a big game changer, by removing a majority nominated evictee and swapping them for a personal choice. The live streaming is essential viewing too, and it's a bit of a shame that the first year it really works properly is the last year we will see it.

In apps news, I picked up 'The Raging Dead' as a freebie the other day and got around to giving it a whirl this lunchtime. It's a top down zombie-apocalypse-em-up of sorts where you have to protect the blue dots (aka people) by bombing or machine gunning the red dots (aka zombies) before the reds infect all of the blues. It's quite fun to watch the panicking crowds running hither and yon being chased by the zombies and gradually transformed, but in practice the game is too fiddly to be playable. It is difficult to see whether you have actually killed the zombie that you were after, and the bombs and machine gun bullets take a while to respawn after you have used them up. It feels a little bit like squashing those tiny red spider mites that you sometimes see running around, with about the same level of feedback. I think this would be a lot better played with a mouse on a big screen, rather than on the iPhone. Oh well, at least it was free.

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