Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Rain falls steadily
Bringing me to wakefulness
Monochrome morning

Mel Gibson Hitch slapped
Apposite use of the term
'Cloacal Abuse'

Wars fought by proxy
Government by private firms
Shadow consultants

It has been some time
I'd forgotten the delights
Waukeen's Promenade

An epic battle
For control of a city
Balance of power

Nerd Army takes on
Thetans are stupid

Work mate back from hols
He's been to bonny Scotland
Hence, box of shortbread

By mid-afternoon
I am wheezing and croaking
Sick building syndrome


Nancy said...

Lovely haiku, #2 being extra clever this week. :-) And, mmmm, shortbread. . .

neil h said...

Thanks Nancy! We've just about demolished the box of shortbread between us now ... :-)