Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Destroy Everything You Touch

It felt almost Autumnal this morning, with overcast skies, the taste of rain in the air and a generous helping of fallen leaves on the grass. Still fairly warm though, at least when you manage to escape from the breeze.

It scarcely seems possible that it is five years since the 7/7 bombings. Lest we forget, this is why religion must be regarded as a poisonous and malign influence on the world that should be consigned to the dark ages where it belongs. All of the fine art, oratorios and gilded cathedrals can not hold a (votive) candle to the life of one person getting on a bus to go to work, or a single abused child kept quiet with the threat of hellfire.

In games news, I have been trying some different Carcassonne tactics out, looking to maximise my score in the early part of the game and not committing meeple to fields until the mid game. There is a certain amount of luck in the order the tiles are distributed, but not as much as you might think - the sign of good game design, I think.

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