Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cry of a Duck in a Thunder Storm

On the weather front, after a monumental downpour last night (that coincided exactly with the time I was out in the woods with the dog) it was a lot brighter this morning. It's looking set fair for the weekend too, which will be good for the Tramlines festival in Sheffield.

Work - prep, meetings, blah.

In games news, not much to report apart from the usual ongoing games of Words With Fiends (~waves~ at Nancy and Beck!) and Carcassonne (~waves~ at Lufferov and Gos!). I had a particularly epic city battle for a 17 tile leviathan with Lufferov yesterday with us both staking four meeples on it and much tactical blocking until it came down to just one empty space to complete with two possibilities - a joining piece which would share the points or a two end cap piece which would give control to me. Luck was with me (and I'd also checked that there were three of tiles I needed in the deck as opposed to one of the alternatives, so the odds were too) and I triumphed with a sixty odd point advantage. Aces. It put me back up the leaderboard as well. Which is nice.

My other ongoing game is Echo Bazaar, which seems to have reached a bit of impasse in the ongoing Knife and Candle war with lots of people hunting me, but nobody being prepared to drop their guard and make an attack, sacrificing the shadow bonus. Still, I am happy to continue raiding Foxfire candles from the crypts of St Fiacres under the nose of the Bishop, and making a tidy profit every time.

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