Thursday, July 08, 2010

Bright Red

High white cloud today, but still pleasantly warm with the sun peeking out from time to time.

I spent most of the morning tracking down an obscure bug that had crept into the payrun process and only manifested in the comparatively rare circumstance of somebody having a K tax code with a tax calculation greater than their gross pay. In theory, this should just reduce the tax to 50% of gross, but it was being overwritten by another warning about post tax deductions exceeding net pay. Convoluted code and awkward to trace through, but I think I managed to find a work around. We might need a better way of dealing with it though, but I'll leave that to the consultants to ponder.

In games news, just three words - Red Dead Zombies! Squeee! It's not out until the fall, but there are three other DLC packs before then including extra areas, more freeroam modes and multiplayer poker. Oh yes. Colour me excited.

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